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❀ Flower delivery to Albinitsa

I want to make delivery to Albinitsa, Moldova.
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  • Bouquet Sweet dawn
    28 votes
     ∅ 70 sm.
    33 680 mdl
    Sold: 729
    Delivery cost: 790 MDL
  • Bouquet White-and-pink
    1 vote
     ∅ 55 sm.
    101 950 mdl
    Sold: 193
    Delivery cost: 790 MDL
  • Bouquet Just for you
    1 vote
     ∅ 70 sm.
    34 680 mdl
    Sold: 182
    Delivery cost: 790 MDL
  • Bouquet Multicolored
    1 votes
     ∅ 55 sm.
    38 100 mdl
    Sold: 161
    Delivery cost: 790 MDL
  • Bouquet Dear friend
    4 votes
     ∅ 60 sm.
    30 960 mdl
    Sold: 150
    Delivery cost: 790 MDL
  • Bouquet Prometheus
    3 votes
     ∅ 60 sm.
    79 140 mdl
    Sold: 128
    Delivery cost: 790 MDL
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Reviews from our clients
  • Burhan
    our client (with UFL from 2016-09-05)
    Date of review: 2016-09-11
    Delivery to: Chisinau
    Thank you so much. amazing service and accurate. Thank you,
    Manager response:  Thank you very much for your feedback! We are happy that you're satisfied with our service. Have a nice day!
  • Anita
    Date of review: 2016-09-01
    Great service! I ordered flowers and presents for my grandmother. Managers pleasantly helped me to choose a wonderful present! My grandmother was really happy to get it! Thank you a lot!
    Manager response:  Thank you very much for your feedback! We are glad that you were satisfied.
  • Radu
    Date of review: 2016-03-02
    Thank you for good work!
    Manager response:  thank you for using our company!
  • Albert
    Date of review: 2016-02-22
    Hello, It was my first order on your site. My girl was in delight. I'm thank you for making her smile. With my best wishes, your new regular customer ;)
    Manager response:  Albert, we'll be glad to co-operate with you in future! Have a good day!
  • Rik
    Date of review: 2015-11-26
    Thank you for the fast and reliable delivery! Use the services of many companies , but your service will continue to use! Flowers fresh, friendly courier. I wish you prosperity!
    Manager response:  Thank you, Rik. We will be happy to help you with your next order.

Reliable delivery of flowers in Albinitsa


Quick flower delivery to Moldova, now it is possible to order happiness

UFL (Ukraine) is a big community of passionate people, who love to create and share bright emotions with the world. We were gathered to create a team of the talented florists from all around the world, in order to make the best wedding gifts for you and your dearest ones.

Present a wedding composition that will remain unforgettable for the couple. Our collection has charming, stylish and joyful gifts for bridal parties, engagements and weddings celebrations. Order flowers to commemorate one of the happiest days for you and the couple.

Wedding traditions in Moldova, fast flower delivery in Albinitsa

The wedding celebration will have three components:

Social (welcoming people);

Traditional (that may include doing concrete things in each specific case before and after the ceremony, for example you can go to put flowers at religious and heroic statues);

Religious (at the Church, when couple is invited by the priest to bless and advise them)

Show your attention to the happy couple with a brilliant floral arrangement and let them know, how much you are happy for them at this special day. In addition, we provide a list of servicesto prepare for a wedding: decor for cars, decor for glasses, wedding arches and other decorative elements.

Amaryllis. Do not call this plant a wallflower, because with its lily-like colors and style, it rightly made a name for itself in the floristry world as a “magnificent beauty”

Anthurium. If you are going with a heart theme for your wedding, this tropical plant, which stands for hospitality, will fit right in.

Calla lily. When people think to order "wedding bloom," this plant often comes to mind. With its figurative shape and elegant look, this flower stands up to its meaning: queenly.

Daffodils. What do this spring flower have with wedding? They both represent new beginnings and light feelings.

In addition, you can order for the couple one of the gifts that are represented in our website. It has to be graceful and useful, for this purpose try to put in your present your personality and warmth. Buy something special that can give their new home a feeling of love and happiness, has more than two thousands of great gift ideas with wholesale prices for you: multi-colored helium balloons, perfumes, toys, pleasant mini sets or salute of live butterflies.

UFL – deliver happiness – order flowers and make your dearest person feel your love.

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