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Order cancellation

Sometimes the order needs to be canceled after its registration. If you want to stop your order, you should inform managers of our company about it as soon as possible

We can annual the order without any problem if :

  • The bouquet is not already made by our florists;
  • We did not buy some of special décor elements or rare flowers for it. If one of these points is done, a full return is impossible.
After making the cancellation you can leave the sum of the order on your balance in our register and use it next time to another order or you can ask for expense returning.
If we cannot finish the order because of mistaken or incomplete delivery address, we will call you as quick as we can. Think about changing a recipient in the same city – for example, if we cannot contact your mother, you can give us the address and the phone number of your father.
Be careful! Try to complete the order correctly. When you write in your new order form, you should pick one city in the menu on the site and in the order form. If the information varies, the order is considered as the one with a wrong address. It is significant to have correct address for calculating the price of the order. A cost of delivery is different in different regions.
If the delivery price in actual place is more that it is specified in the order, we will give you a link for additional payment. If the cost is less, the difference will be refunded for you. 
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